About Us

Originaly founded in 1984 as “ORY-VANSEER Antiques” (Philippe ORY & Maria VANSEER) by antiques dealer Lucien Vanseer. We have a wide experience in buying and selling antiques on internationale markets and auctions in Belgium, France and the UK. Dealing with international customers since 1995. We provide container packing & shipping, buying tours, storage, restoration, etc..)

Our sun Wim joined us in 2000 and helped us to expand our business. Today we have a showroom of 700m² + 500m² flexible storage space for our customers. Thanks to our “spread purchase policy” (we buy from private people, other antiques dealers, on international markets, antiques fairs & auctions, etc) we have a varied offer of antiques and decorative items from periods as Haute Epoque, Empire, Napoleon III, Art Deco in prince ranges between 50€ and 50.000€.

Are you looking for specific items? Contact us en and we will guide you with our knowhow in your search.